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If you read the news headlines mentioned below, you will immediately realize that hydrogen energy is the future of energy and it is a massive opportunity. This sector will grow for decades.

All the previous industrial revolutions were fueled by fossil fuels. Now that has created the world’s biggest crisis – the climate change. Now, green hydrogen is fast emerging as a completely clean energy source – zero pollution! Imagine the kind of NEW industrial revolution it can ignite, and for decades to come. At the same time it will be a major solution to climate change crisis. The opportunities are infinite.

Technologies are fast developing to run cars, trucks, ships, buses, trains to run on hydrogen. It will also be used to run factories and create electricity and heat.

This company belongs to a group that has developed technologies for generating hydrogen as well as converting hydrogen to energy. Its group has decades of experience in this field and has built more than 190 plants for hydrogen manufacturing all over the world.

This company has over seven decades of experience in India. Its strong order book (running in billions) alone is enough to show its strength. Hydrogen is definitely the future of energy, and this company will be one of the biggest winners from that.

A Massive Opportunity

The news headlines below clearly show why hydrogen energy is a huge long-term opportunity –

  • Mukesh Ambani’s $75 billion plan aims to make India a hydrogen hub – Bloomberg
  • IH2A estimates a USD 45-50 billion Indian hydrogen equipment manufacturing and services market by 2030 –
  • The Russia-Ukraine war has driven 25 countries to commit $73 billion in fresh lower-cost green hydrogen investments as record-breaking gas prices have made fossil-fuel-based hydrogen uneconomic, a new report from the London-based financial think tank, Carbon Tracker –
  • Japan to invest $107 billion in hydrogen supply over 15 years –
  • China’s Unprecedented $42 Billion Push for Green Hydrogen Dominance –
  • Saudi’s NEOM Reaches Financial Close of $8.4 Billion Green Hydrogen Facility. –
  • U.S. Department of Energy announced $7 billion to launch seven Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs
  • India approves $2.3 billion to develop green hydrogen –
  • Germany to back €20 billion bid to build hydrogen pipe network –
  • Australian government allocated AU$2 billion ($1.3 billion) for launching the “Hydrogen Headstart” program –
  • China has set up more than 100 large scale green hydrogen projects.
  • UK has committed up to £4bn in hydrogen technology and production facilities by 2030
  • The Canadian government launched a CAD $1.5bn Clean Fuels Fund to produce low-carbon fuels including hydrogen.
  • French government earmarks €4 bln for low-carbon hydrogen –
  • Namibia has signed a US$10 billion green hydrogen deal

The clean hydrogen energy market is growing amazingly fast, far faster than wind or solar ever did in the early years. It is a unique sector enjoying unprecedented political and business momentum. In just the past five years, more than 30 countries have developed national hydrogen strategies (IEA 2022). Almost every week a major new hydrogen project or breakthrough is taking place. The Paris climate goals have been a key driver, but Russia’s war in Ukraine and soaring gas prices have also driven a shift to greener fuels.

According to Facts and Factors company’s research, its demand is expected to grow by a whopping 54% CAGR (2022-2028).

Green hydrogen is becoming viable, and just imagine having a world FREE of climate crisis! It may take some years, BUT it is on its way to change mankind’s life FOREVER. It is unimaginable how the world will grow with unlimited clean energy source, do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Long-Term Demand Drivers for Green Hydrogen Energy:

The benefits of green hydrogen are so enormous that it is definitely going to replace fossil fuel. This transition will create history’s biggest growth opportunity. The green hydrogen benefits listed below will explain why it is the future of energy –

  • It is a clean energy: The only waste it generates is water.
  • It is a renewable energy: It uses natural resources that are not exhausted.
  • It is storable: Green hydrogen can be compressed and stored in ad hoc tanks for a long time.
  • It is transportable: Because it is a very light element, compressed hydrogen tanks allow easier handling than lithium batteries because they are lighter, which facilitates transport as a result.
  • It can decarbonize where we never thought possible.
  • It can awaken the biggest economic opportunity of our lifetime, create countless skilled jobs, and help answer the call to provide cleaner air for all.
  • It does not have the limitations faced by solar and wind power
  • It can run trains, trucks, buses, cars… It can be used as a feedstock gas for industries such as chemical, refining and steel. It is also a source of heat and power for buildings.

Read more – Green Hydrogen market to grow by 55.2% CAGR (2022 – 2028) 

Company Highlights –

  • We are not talking here of Reliance or Adani; it is a global leader in hydrogen technology
  • Well established, profitable, good profit and sales growth
  • Strong order book totalling several billions
  • High profit margins
  • No debt
  • High promoter stake
  • Expansion going on
  • Group holds numerous technology patents
  • Healthy cash balance
  • End user industries growing strongly and are expected to continue this trend for several years
  • Diversified product portfolio
  • Over seven decades of experience
  • One of the largest companies in its segment
  • Over 20 plants all-across India

This company is a global technology leader in green hydrogen. Its strong order book (running in billions) alone is enough to show its strength. Hydrogen is definitely the future of energy, and this company will be one of the biggest winners from that.

Suggested Holding PeriodRisk LevelGrowth Certainty
3-5 yearsLowVery High

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Green Energy – Hydrogen Stock


This is a leader in technologies for making hydrogen and converting hydrogen to energy. You just have to imagine where all we use coal, petrol, diesel – most of these in future will run from hydrogen. That is an unimaginably massive growth opportunity. It may take time, but it has already started and the growth…


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