Profitable Investing

The Simplest and Most Effective Course on Stock Markets

An extremely short, simple, and exciting course that will definitely make you believe that “It is actually quite straightforward to invest profitably!!!”. It is designed in such a simple manner that all the most crucial investment concepts will become crystal clear in no time. It has tons of real life examples and interactive exercises that will quickly build your analytical skills. If you follow this course, you will be amazed to find that it is super easy to make profit from the stock markets without losing your money! This course is designed by a successful ex fund manager, who is also an alumnus of IIMA. This course is based on his long experience of over two decades in stock markets.

Our Story

Since 2018, we were involved in offering investment and trading advisory as a SEBI registered Investment Advisor. After expiry of our SEBI registration, we changed our business to investment education. We found that majority of investors find it difficult to grasp the finer points of investment analysis. We believe that we can help investors much more by educating them to not just understand analysis, but also do their own research!

And believe us, the course that we have designed is so simple, exciting, and interactive, that in no time the most crucial concepts will become crystal clear to you!!

We strongly believe that only those people should teach who have successful practical experience in that field. One cannot become a cricket coach by just reading books on cricket or by uploading videos on YouTube.

What is so great about this course?

Before we answer this question, think about it – what is more important to be a successful investor – knowledge of all the definitions and formula of investment management, or an ability to spot a good company? No amount of knowledge can make someone a good investor, if he does not have the skill to spot a good company for investment. A topper in a law school need not become a top lawyer, a successful lawyer needs skills of analysis, human psychology, communication, and sometimes showmanship and acting skills also!
The great thing about our course is that it helps you build investment skills.
Why Dhirubhai Ambai was able to build a business empire without knowledge of business management? He did not go to any MBA college; he had left school after 10th class to earn money.
He may not have had knowledge, but he had a skill – to do business. In business and investment, you need skills to succeed. In sports, media, medical, architecture, law, design, programming – you need skills to succeed. Knowledge is a stepping stone, but to succeed, you need skills.

And, how does one develop skills?

Have you ever wondered how does a child learn to speak? He does it by practicing, under guidance of his parents. He practices it daily, without fail, from morning till night, and finally every child succeeds at it!!! Practice builds skills. A CA will do apprenticeship, doctor will undergo internship, lawyers practice under seniors, sportsmen take coaching, …every field has its own system of imparting skills.
But what about investing? Well, the sad fact is that there is no such system of skill building in investing. Even the students studying investment management only acquire knowledge, there is no skill building practice! Most of the successful investors build these skills on their own by reading and analyzing.

How do we help in skill building?

Interactive Quizzes + Real Life Examples + Personal Query Answers + Real Life Practice Questions

We make you practice, progressively increasing the difficulty level (Check out our FREE aptitude test). We also connect every concept with real life exciting examples which makes the concepts clear and then you remember it lifelong.
Skill building also needs personal guidance. So, for any course related query, we will answer it by email.
Real practice is when you test your skills in real life, for example, there is a news that inflation has started rising. Now, can you identify which stocks will gain from this? This is the ultimate practice for skill building. Based on topics covered in course, we will design questions that are related to current market situation. The best thing about this Real Life Practice Questions is that you can verify whether your learning is actually working in the real life or not. And, for any doubts, you can always consult us.

Why subscribe to our course “Profitable Investing for Beginners”

Books and other coursesOur Course
Focus on knowledgeFocus on skill building
One way communicationInteractive
No personal guidancePersonal guidance available
Complicated & lengthySimple & short
No live practiceLive practice on real life situations

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Rally to continue
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Markets had rallied after 1918’s Spanish Flu, and we expect same to happen again.

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The Bull Case

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