Green Energy, Defense, Aerospace, & China+1

Why Buy – Big beneficiary of Hydrogen opportunity and China+1 trend


Why Buy this Stock – Complete Story in Simple Language

It is now well accepted that green energy, defense, and aerospace are fast growing sectors in India and have potential to grow for years to come.

Just imagine the growth of a company if it is already a well established leader in all these sectors!

This company has been in business for 50+ years, and is highly profitable.

You will be amazed to see the list of its client companies – they are all global top technology leaders in their fields. That list itself is enough to show the capabilities of this high tech company.

It is surprising and most pleasing to know that world’s top technology companies are buying technology from an Indian company. And not just that, all these companies are seeking very critical technology for which they remain dependent on this company. Most of these companies are long-term clients of this company. They need to keep buying from this company – becoming a stable source of income. As of now, it is not a well known name like Tata or Reliance, but that time is not far when this company will be equally famous.

Great growth potential

This is another technology company in green hydrogen industry. Company also operates in other high-tech high-growth sectors of defense and aerospace. Hydrogen energy is the world’s fastest growing industry, it is the future of energy – click here to read about this magnificent opportunity. Since we have already explained the vast scope of hydrogen energy it in another stock, so we are not repeating it.

The current order book, and the planned growth by its clients strongly indicates that it may increase its revenue by five times in next five years. Its MD has also expressed this view. This growth means a clear big multibagger opportunity.

Company Highlights –

  • 50 years old company, has 1200+ manpower, and has 8 plants
  • List of its global clients will surprise you; all are world leaders in their fields
  • Its customers are highly dependent on it, and there is a long-term relationship, almost every client generates perpetual income
  • Well-established with excellent sales and profit growth since several decades
  • Its technology makes it a preferred choice for foreign clients as they also want to reduce dependence on China
  • Super strong entry barriers, it is almost impossible for a newcomer to reach its level of technology, even if they have deep pockets.
  • Strong repeat orders due to technical excellence
  • High profit margins
  • Very low debt
  • Several years of experience in supplying critical hydrogen technology globally
  • Diversified portfolio of products and diversified business segments
  • Multiple supplier base
  • Wide portfolio of products – low-volume products, high-volume products, simple products, complex products, heavy products, small products, and also import substitute products.
  • Trust acquired from top global companies over its history of several decades
  • Clients are geographically diversified
  • Currently, it is not well known, but because of its prestigious technology, it is well on its way to become one of India’s most loved companies
  • World leader in precision engineering
  • Professional qualified management with ultra clean ethics
  • Strong order book position

This is company that has everything going for it, ALL its segments have extraordinary growth potential for years or even decades to come. There is no reason not to invest in it.

Suggested Holding PeriodRisk LevelGrowth Certainty
3+ yearsVery LowVery High

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Green Energy, Defense, Aerospace, China+1 Stock


This company works in three very fast growing sectors – green energy (hydrogen), defense, and aerospace. And it is highly successful in all three, if you look at the list of  its clients, that alone will make it clear that it is a proven leader. Top Indian as well as top global companies are its…


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