Investment Aptitude Test

How to use it:

Maximize screen

Maximize screen

Click the maximize button on bottom right to view in full screen.

Use Arrows

Using Slides

Use Left/Right buttons, or slide tabs to move backward or forward. On mobile, use finger to scroll left or right.



Keep volume at audible level.

use desktop

Larger screen

Though it works on a mobile also but we suggest to use a laptop or a desktop for best results and to prevent strain on eyes.

Score of this test is not important!

It only gives an idea about your current level of investment skills. Even if your score is poor, you can definitely improve it by using this course. Most of the skills can be developed by practice under proper guidance. We will give you enough practice not only within this course, but will also guide about how to keep practicing and polishing your investment skills. And if your score is good, you have a talent! You must build on that by using this course to avoid investment traps and maximize your gains from stocks.

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