5G – India’s Next Growth Engine

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India is going to record the fastest 5G rollout in the world and it is going to have the biggest success of the next -generation telecom service with the support of the government.

India is at the right time, we have a 5G-ready ecosystem. We have 10 per cent of smartphones in India which are 5G ready. India is going to witness the fastest rollout of 5G which will be at least three times faster than what we have

seen in 4G.

The 5G services will progressively cover the entire country over the next couple of years — Jio promises to do that by December 2023 and Bharti Airtel by March 2024.

We have 62 per cent of our workforce in the agriculture sector, and 5G presents us with a huge opportunity to convert that into the most profitable segment. We can enable high yields by producing smarter networks and delivering products to the farmers.

In Telecom Sector Skill, close to 25 lakh people need to be reskilled and up-skilled in the next few years because there is a shift from 4G to 5G.

We need to have at least one lakh technicians and engineers, in the next few years, who have been trained specifically on 5G courses for the new job requirements. 5G is going to open up big requirements for a talented workforce.

5G has the potential to change the socio-economic fabric in India and transform the society at large. Providing pan-India connectivity through Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services could be a game changer, especially in the rural areas. 5G FWA is expected to spawn new avenues of economic growth through high-speed internet connectivity in households, improving the fixed broadband penetration significantly. 5G has the potential to address some of the basic challenges owing to lack of optimum infrastructure in sectors such as healthcare and education. 5G is likely to improve access to education and quality of virtual learning.

5G to transform a host of industries in India

The transition to 5G will unlock new use cases and revenue streams through innovative business models. It will bolster the startup ecosystem and enable India to be an R&D hub for 5G technology and use cases. Developing 5G applications is likely to have a huge impact across industries.

In India, the engineering/advanced manufacturing segment offers the largest 5G/IoT opportunity. Multiple use cases exist in this segment with benefits of increased efficiency, productivity, better safety standards, and highly efficient production. In healthcare, 5G’s benefits can immediately be realized in home-based care and connected hospital devices as 5G facilitates real-time data transfer. For instance, a smart ambulance equipped with latest medical instruments, including HD video camera and portable MRI scanners, can help to transfer real-time data to the hospital. 5G also has the potential to open-up remote patient monitoring and diagnosis opportunities in health care in the rural areas.

The Indian M&E sector is transitioning from passive consumption to participative consumption fueled by the popularity of immersive technologies such as AR and VR, networked gaming, and interactive game shows. 5G may help accelerate this trend and completely transform the consumer experience. Also, there will be an innovation in the use of 5G for the distribution of live HD broadcast in big events, bringing alive the next generation stadium experience through in-stadium AR.

Further, the advent of 5G may significantly enhance connected car features and usher in the age of autonomous vehicles (AV) in India. It will connect vehicles-to-vehicles, roadside infrastructure, road users, and cloud services to improve transportation experience and quality of life. On the other hand, 5G’s ability to support many sensors, and real-time dissemination of information and analysis make it suitable for several smart city functionalities, ranging from smart utility services to automated traffic management. 5G significantly enhances safety and security by supporting high throughput real-time video surveillance.

A report by KPMG states that a 10% increase in mobile adoption increases the GDP by 0.5%. And, with 5G expected to bridge the connectivity gap by offering high-speed broadband in rural areas, the report states that 5G could drive the next wave of growth in the country.

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