Trading Guidelines

Trading Guidelines
  1. Trading is not for fun – if you want to make money, especially big money.
  2. Many traders do it for thrill, but remember – thrill can kill.
  3. NEVER expect that all our recommendations will give bumper profits.
  4. Do NOT aim for profits in every trade, look for reasonable profit by the end of a month.
  5. Aim for WEALTH BUILDING not just income.
  6. Most important rule for our members – Trade on all recommendations, else you may end up trading the loss making calls, or miss the biggest profit making calls
  7. When starting for the first time, start with smaller amount for first month, increase it next month, and do so for 3-4 months till you employ your full intended funds
  8. Always invest same amount on each trade during a month else you may face similar problem as mentioned in #3
  9. Compulsory rule for wealth building – ALWAYS reinvest your profits at the end of every month to benefit from compounding growth, else you will never become rich. Even if you want a monthly income, withdraw only partial profits, and reinvest rest. We STRONGLY recommend that you use trading for wealth building and not for income.
  10. You must have access to trading terminal throughout the day, or you should be able to trade by phone quickly.
  11. Your phone should ALWAYS be with you during market hours and in ready condition to receive our messages.

For any further clarification, please feel free to communicate by WhatsApp message on 8447860490.

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