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I had been speculative with my trading in the past, relying on superficial intelligence, profits from the trade were dependent on coin toss probability due to lack of intelligence. Upon exploring, I came across Blackjack and observed at least 10 trades before taking a pause and registering with Blackjack, it has been a smooth ride since then and I am thankful to Mr. Rajesh Sharma for being so poised even in tense moments of trading ensuring safe returns without getting too ambitious. Mr. Sharma is one of the most diligent and down to earth professional, I have come across in my professional sphere. A man of high integrity, Mr. Sharma’s acumen and eye for detail in investment arena can only be experienced when you work with him. A balanced head, with Rahul Dravidsque dependency and nonchalant demeanour makes him a gentleman who has thorough knowledge and yet he is quieter, doesn’t flaunt and appears as a monk in wafer thin patience era….

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